"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing"
-Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Good Deed

The last good deed I did was only a few days ago. We had been cleaning all morning and I had just finished mopping our hard wood floors. It was around lunch time so we decided to be done picking up and have lunch. I went out to our garage refrigerator to get the left over Texas Roadhouse ribs, salmon, bread, and salads. Our garage was open at the time and as I looked out I saw a little gray schnauzer runner down the street with out an owner in sight. I actually thought that the dog was quite ugly, but it was lost, so I yelled into my mom for help and took off down the street after it. My mom brought my older sister with her to help out and she was caring a leash. We hooked the little dog up and got a got look at her collar. The schnauzer was named Chloe and lived just down the street. After we returned the dog we got our lunch out of the fridge. We were headed inside when the man who had answered the door at Chloe's house came running up the street wearing a blue suit and hand me nine dollars to split between my sister and I as a reward for bring their dog home.